What Our Clients Are Saying

“I want to say, THANK YOU for the wonderful work of cleaning our carpets. The two gentlemen Monday night did an outstanding job on making our carpets fresh and clean !!! We have received the best service from Seattle Building Maintenance, thank you again for a job well done!”

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I just wanted to send you and email to tell you how much of an asset SBM is here at Met Park Towers. German is a pleasure to work with and very professional in all that he does. It is a great joy and relief working with him on a daily basis. Our Tenants are always calling or emailing to let me know how much they like him. They say he is very polite, courteous, and quick to respond to their needs.”

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Want to give kudos for the team you have working here at the Westin Building… SBM always does a great job. On top of it he is professional and friendly. Just though you deserved a little credit for the quality of service he provides every day, which is excellent.”

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Thanks for keeping my tenants happy, which makes me happy!”


We Are Committed to Keeping Your Tenants Happy

We understand that you have many choices for your building maintenance needs as a property manager or building owner.

I’m sure you are asking yourself, “Why should I consider Seattle Building Maintenance?”

Here’s what makes us your “go to” building maintenance team:

1) Quality – We laser focused our attention to detail with your property.
2) Focus – Our entire emphasis is keeping your tenants happy. That keeps you happy!
3) Innovation – Our use of cutting edge cleaning technologies and processes separates us from our competitors.

Our eye for detail, and the service we offer to our clientele is designed to retain your high value tenants. Our cleaning teams are trained to listen to the client with enthusiasm for the job, going out of their way to ensure the task is done right. Remember, what others consider extravagant, we consider routine here at Seattle Building Maintenance.

Over the years, we have gained a long list of satisfied clients in the Seattle area, many of who have recommended us to friends and business acquaintances. Simply check our references or ask around, and you’ll see. Our quality control program and excellent staff assure all new clients that our company will be honest and punctual. This saves you time and money.

To achieve the high standards we set for ourselves, we began by performing in ways no one else did, in our industry. We cleaned where no one else had consistently cleaned, and polished where no one had cared to polish – entrance thresholds, elevator channels, baseboards and grouting as a few examples.

These routine steps we take to maintain high quality standards, most other janitorial companies still consider extravagant.

Don’t you think your building and your tenants deserve better?

With our laser focus on quality, we’ve become the leader in the “quality cleaning” position because we provide a janitorial service that is thorough, well supervised, and fairly priced. To maintain this level of quality service, we provide 24-hour supervision of all cleaning operations, whether the shift is afternoon, graveyard or daytime.

It’s this consistent dedication to high quality janitorial service that not only preserves building values, but helps you retain tenants as well.